Steel Billet

  • Code product: TP41
  • Manufacture: TNGEC

Description Information

High-quality steel billets from Gang Thep Engineering Joint Stock Company are produced from clean scrap steel, with strict input management, a strict quality control process, and the application of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Products are supplied to large steel manufacturing companies and conglomerates in Vietnam.

Product information

Gang Thep Engineering Joint Stock Company is one of the leading steel billet manufacturers in Vietnam. The company has a modern production process, applying ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ensuring to provide customers with high-quality steel billets that meet international standards.

2-line continuous casting machines

Clean scrap steel is strictly managed at the input stage, ensuring uniform quality. The quality control process is strict, from the stage of raw material input to the stage of finished product output. The company is constantly innovating technology and techniques to improve product quality, and in 2022, it invested in additional medium-frequency furnaces to increase the total billet forging capacity to 120,000 tons/year with 4 pairs of 20-ton medium-frequency furnaces, 1 electric furnace of 20 tons/batch, 1 LF refining furnace of 20 tons/batch, and 2 continuous casting machines with 2 lines.

2-line continuous casting machines

The company's steel billet products are supplied to major steel manufacturing companies and conglomerates in Vietnam such as Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company, Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company (TISCO), Viet Duc Steel Joint Stock Company (VGS), and VINAUSTEEL (V-UC), etc.


Square bar billet with specifications of 130×130mm, 150×150mm depending on customer requirements. The product has a length from 6 to 12m.
Material grade: CT3, CT5, SD295

Technology standards

Vietnam, Japan

TCVN 11384-15:2016, JIS G 3112:2020