26 07/2023

Precision mechanical processing

With decades of experience and a team of over 60 years in construction and development, Mechanical Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company (TNGEC) promptly caters to the precision mechanical processing demands of customers in both the Vietnamese and international markets.

The company was established in 1959, originally as a manufacturing and repair unit serving the metallurgical, steel rolling, and mining facilities of the former Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Company. Over the years, it has invested in numerous large and modern machinery and equipment, earning recognition as the largest mechanical product manufacturing unit in the Northern region and the whole country, both during the wartime and in the post-war period.

The company offers comprehensive mechanical processing products, from casting and forging to complete machining and assembly.

With its existing strengths and large-scale equipment capable of handling diameters up to 3,000 mm and lengths up to 12,000 mm, the company can perform gear machining up to module 20 with a diameter of 2,500 mm. It possesses a system of heat treatment furnaces, milling machines, lathes, planers, and conditioning systems.

During the period of innovation, Mechanical Iron and Steel Joint Stock Company continues to drive development, proximity, and market expansion. They produce various mechanical products that were previously imported, meeting the demands of major metallurgical units, cement industry, sugarcane industry, paper production, and other industries nationwide.

In recent years, in line with the Party and government's direction to develop the Vietnamese Mechanical Industry, the company has undergone significant transformations by introducing CNC power control devices with mass production and large-scale manufacturing models for household appliances. Currently, the company's products have reached an international standard and are exported to markets such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, and others.

Why should you consider outsourcing mechanical processing to TNGEC?


Seeking external mechanical processing services undoubtedly brings more benefits than investing in purchasing machinery and equipment. When businesses outsource, they only need to pay a significantly smaller cost, which is more in line with their financial capacity.


Moreover, CNC mechanical processing requires specialized and modern CNC machinery. Not only are these machines costly, but the operators also need proper and professional training. For complex and intricately processed parts and products with high precision requirements, it is advisable for businesses to find reputable and reliable external mechanical processing services.


TNGEC's mechanical processing services ensure that your business receives high-quality products, while minimizing time, effort, and financial costs.